Monday, October 13, 2008

The Phewgitive

I recently came across this MAD magazine send up of the old 1960's series the Fugitive. I loved it and wanted to share it with my readers for a special occasion. However, I couldn't find one. I thought perhaps It would soon be the anniversary of the first episode. I looked and found I missed it by a few weeks. That happened on September 17, 1963. I already knew I was too late for the last episode where he caught the one armed man. It aired on August 29,1967. Perhaps one of the stars was born today. No such luck David Janssen was born March 27,1931 and Barry Morse was born June 10, 1918. Even series creator Roy Huggins was born July 18, 1914. Finally I thought I would just share it to be nice and have some fun. I hope you have fun reading The Phewgitive.


Brian said...

I love these old Mad magazine stories. It seems like the quality and humor dropped off in the 90's, but stories like this show what they used to have going for them and why people read them.

Eric Tomassi said...

This is one of the best send ups ever published in Mad! Mort Drucker and Stan Hart were geniuses who could never be replaced, hence the decline of the magazine over time. Thanks so much for sharing this, Rick, you made my day!