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The NEW Hardest Working Man in Show Business

The title above was also the title of the e-mail that I got from the Monkees site. They have news about Davy and Micky. When you check out the schedule for Living In TV Land you may decide to see the ones with Fred Willard and Sherman Hemsley too. Look at all of their guest stars. WOW!

Davy Jones gives an interview where you can ask the questions on this MSNBC
news site. He talks about a number of big projects he has in the works,
including becoming an American Citizen! Check it out - live video on the web
before it is taken down:

Former Monkee and Broadway star Micky Dolenz is going to the Sundance Film
Festival, but not as a performer. He’s trying his hand at film production.
Dolenz has joined forces with movie producer Stuart Gross to launch
Independent Entertainment. Gross founded Harmony Pictures where he worked
with directors Haskell Wexler, Vilmos Zigmond and Chris Menges ...
From: Robbie White
Davy on TV Land
Watch Wednesday May 3rd at 10PM:
Robbie White
February 14, 2006
TV Land´s Reality Series LIVING IN TV LAND To Premiere March 22 - TV Stars
Boldly going where no network has gone before, TV Land will begin airing new
installments of LIVING IN TV LAND on Wednesday, March 22 with LIVING IN TV
LAND: WILLIAM SHATNER IN CONCERT. This 60-minute sneak peek at the series
offers an intimate look at Emmy Award-winner and pop culture icon William
Shatner as he walks viewers through television´s first musical-reality
hybrid show combining musical performances with segments exploring the
reality of his every day life. TV Land will air an encore presentation of
this episode on Wednesday, March 29 in its regularly scheduled timeslot of
10 p.m. and the series will air as half-hour installments through May 3, 2006.
LIVING IN TV LAND began as a special in August 2004 with LIVING IN TV LAND:
DICK VAN PATTEN, a tongue-in-cheek look at a day in the life of the EIGHT IS
ENOUGH star. The series takes a look at the daily ins and outs of Barry
and Davy Jones (THE MONKEES).
"We are thrilled to be able to bring our viewers this intimate look at
William Shatner, who has personified television heroes for the last forty
years," states Sal Maniaci, Senior Vice President, Development and Original
Production, TV Land and Nick at Nite. "Living in TV Land provides a candidly
honest look at these actors and icons that we never really get to see."
Backed by rock & roll piano man Ben Folds, William Shatner takes the stage
in front of a live audience to perform biographical songs from his recent
album entitled HAS BEEN. The spoken-word songs provide musical bridges which
take viewers into the reality of his everyday life. Cameras follow Shatner
through his various life events including the Emmy Awards where he won for
best supporting actor, Las Vegas for a STAR TREK convention, the set of
BOSTON LEGAL, a Hollywood horse show for a riding competition and even to a
maternity ward where he becomes a grandfather. In addition to appearances by
Candice Bergen, Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart and Kate Mulgrew, LIVING IN
TV LAND: WILLIAM SHATNER in Concert boasts performances with rocker Joe
Jackson and country superstar Brad Paisley.
The series roll-out is as follows (all times on Wednesday´s at 10 p.m. ET/PT):
Wednesday, March 29
Encore presentation of LIVING IN TV LAND: WILLIAM SHATNER in Concert
Wednesday, April 5
In the 35 years since he played America´s favorite older brother, "Greg
Brady," on THE BRADY BUNCH, Barry Williams has maintained a successful
career on Broadway, TV, film and radio, TV Land cameras capture Williams
when the devoted baseball fan is offered the opportunity to throw out the
ceremonial first pitch at Dodgers Stadium. As he pulls out his baseball mitt
and prepares for his moment of truth, his TV Land friends stop by to help
support him. Also appearing in this installment are: Brady castmates
Christopher Knight and Susan Olsen, Mackenzie Phillips (ONE DAY AT A TIME),
Jeff Conaway (TAXI) and Julie McCullough (GROWING PAINS).
Wednesday, April 12
In this episode of LIVING IN TV LAND, Adam West faces a nemesis he can´t
drop with a resounding POW! TV Land cameras follow his appearance on a top-
rated morning show, where he meets TV and radio personality Ralph Garman,
one of Adam´s biggest fans. When Ralph shows Adam his genuine Batman cowl,
Adam pegs it for a knock-off. Ralph is crushed - until Adam mentions he has
an authentic cowl at his home in Idaho. When Ralph asks Adam if he would try
on the real cowl and pose for a picture, Adam refuses. But superfan Ralph
knows that Adam West never turns down a challenge. So he throws down the
gauntlet, challenging Adam to any contest the Batman star chooses. Adam, an
expert angler, chooses a fly-fishing competition, and Ralph chooses the
location. From the moment the contest is set, Adam is obsessed, whether he´s
doing voice work for THE FAMILY GUY or visiting the Batmobile and his most
famous "Catwoman," Julie Newmar. Even the tranquility of his home in Sun
Valley, Idaho is thrown off by a needling phone call from Ralph claiming
he´s found a fishing hole that´s sure to give him a "home field advantage."
Wednesday, April 19
Fred Willard (FERNWOOD 2NITE, BEST IN SHOW, ANCHORMAN) is honored with an
Emmy nomination for his role on the hit sitcom EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND. TV
Land cameras follow Fred´s every move through the frantic days leading up to
television´s biggest night to the red carpet to after The Emmys take place.
As his schedule gets busier in the days leading up to the Emmy Awards, the
pressure of the nomination starts to take its toll, but Fred´s friends and
co-stars are there to offer him support. Ray Romano, Brad Garrett, Peter
(ROSEANNE); Joanne Worley (LAUGH IN) and George Wendt (CHEERS) all make
appearances in this installment.
Wednesday, April 26
Sitcom star Sherman Hemsley (THE JEFFERSONS, AMEN) puts together a band to
play some of his original music, makes an appearance at a Hollywood
collectors show and gets hoodwinked into cooking dinner for his former
castmates and friends by his JEFFERSONS co-star and close friend Marla Gibbs
in this episode of LIVING IN TV LAND. Appearing in this episode are also:
Sally Struthers (ALL IN THE FAMILY), Stanley Livingston (MY THREE SONS), Jay
North (DENNIS THE MENACE), Cassandra Peterson (ELVIRA), Berlinda Tolbert
(THE JEFFERSONS) and AMEN´s Anna Maria Horsford, Clifton Davis and Roz Ryan.
Wednesday, May 3
Best known as an entertainer and pop idol, what most fans don´t know about
Davy Jones is that he has a passion for horses as the owner of an entire
stable of racing thoroughbreds. TV Land cameras follow Davy on his rural
Pennsylvania stable as he trains his favorite horse, T.E. Jones for the most
important race of his young career. Viewers also get a peek into Davy´s
everyday routine in Pennsylvania, watch as he sorts through photos and
memorabilia to go into the Davy Jones Museum and finally travel to Kentucky
with him for T.E. Jones´ big day.
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