Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Credit Card Scam

This is a warning to all credit card holders. I got a call tonight from someone saying that they were calling from my credit card company offering me something that would lower my interest rate and stop any late fees if I was late with a payment. They just wanted to verify my name and address. I asked them why I was getting this call. Suddenly they hung up. I thought that was rude and I called my credit card customer service to make sure that I was not going to get the offer they had called me about. The customer service rep said they did not call me. If they had he would have seen it on my account on his computer instanly. He said that it was probably someone calling to get my credit card information. He said that it was good that I asked them a question. It let them know that they weren't going to get information out of me and their scam had been discovered. He said if that happens again I should tell them I don't talk about my finances on the phone and to ask them for thier phone # so I can call them back later. I thought that everyone should know this in case you ever get a call like this.

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