Monday, October 09, 2006

Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart Micky's Side of the Story.

The post careers of the Monkees have always fascinated me. Especially how two of them were founding members of another group called Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart. As fans of music know it isn’t uncommon when a group breaks up for some of those member to start or join another band. Just like Paul McCartney did with Wings when the Beatles broke up of Stephen Stills did with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young when Buffalo Springfield disbanded. The Monkees earlier defied the norm when they were only the cast of a TV series but eventually became a group. When they disbanded few people were surprised when Nesmith started the First National Band or Tork formed the New Monks and later Shoe Suede Blues as they were musicians first. However, it took a few by surprise when the two actors got together to form D,J,B & H. In their autobiographies they both give pretty much the same story as to why they joined the group. They were going through a rough period in their life and had to do something to get their mind off of the bad things that were happening to them. Micky said that he was going through a divorce and was drinking, smoking and taking drugs. He even had thoughts of committing suicide. The invitation from Tommy Boyce to join him and Bobby Hart came just at the right time. Had it not been for that invitation from Boyce, Dolenz might not be here today. Micky himself said that thanks to the drugs and booze that the year 1975 is almost completely gone from his memory. A whole year of his life is missing. He has since said that he is one of the lucky survivors of drugs and that it was all a waste of time. His last time of doing LSD was with John Lennon, Harry Nielson and Brian Wilson. Here they were four musical giants of our generation together in one house. Were they discussing a new musical concept that would take the world by storm? No! Dolnez said Nielson was off in his own world. Wilson was at the piano playing one note over and over and Lennon stood at the pool and stared at the water for four hours. Meanwhile Micky was watching his hand turn into a snake. I think that would be enough to get anyone off drugs. So while the Monkees seemed like they were always happy and upbeat, there was a dark side that we children of the 60’s and 70’s never knew about. Posted by Picasa

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