Monday, November 20, 2006

Goober as Spock?

I noticed that a few people are coming to this site recently when searching for something about George Lindsey as Spock. For those of you who are I feel I should tell you that it is a joke. Remember they also ask William Shatner what his favorite episode was and he responded with his favorite from the Brady Bunch not Star Trek. The whole behind the scenes of Star Trek on TV Land is a joke. Disappointing for serious Trek fans like myself. I thought I was going to hear something I hadn't heard before. For the record I have read that the first choice for Mr. Spock was Martin Landau. He turned it down and Mr. Nimoy got the part. Ironically, when Mr. Landau quit his role on Mission: Impossible, he played Rollin Hand on the show from 1966-1969, he was replaced by a character named Paris. Paris was played by Leonard Nimoy who was with the show from 1969-1971. Also on Mission:Impossible his best friend on the show was Jim Phelps. On Star Trek Mr. Nimoy's best friend was named Captain Jim Kirk. They both had the same first name of Jim. It almost seems like the part Mr. Nimoy was destined to play was Paris as well as Spock.

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