Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Hey remember seeing these advertised in Marvel Comics. They were self portraits of the artist who worked on the comic books that we all loved so much. I remember seeing this one of John Romita Sr. and couldn’t help but notice he drew himself to look like Peter Parker. Years later I saw a photo of John Romita Jr. and he must look like his Father because he looked like a real life Peter Parker. The first time I remember seeing this one and other of Kirby and Trimpe was when I was part of the Merry Marvel Marching Society. It was in catalogue that they mailed out to the members. I was about 6 or 7 at the time and couldn’t afford to buy anything from the book but I loved getting it. It felt like I was seeing something before the rest of the world got a look at it. To see the creators surrounded by all of the characters they created each month was fascinating. I imagined that was the way it really felt when they were working with well defined characters. This drawing brings fond memories to me and I hope it does to you too.

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