Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Universal #1

Slowly but surely Marvel Comics has been reintroducing the New Universe. First they gave us new stories, and in some cases completing stories, based on the old series that started the New Universe during Jim Shooters run as editor-in-chief at Marvel. Now we have New Universal. The book is being published semi-monthly and it is where the fabled “White Event” takes place. The white event is what started the old New Universe series of books. The white event takes place in outer space but it has ramifications with certain people on Earth. They have something in them that is like the mutant gene in the Marvel Universe and it ignites that gene and gives them all special powers. This issue is written by Warren Ellis and art by Salvador Larroca. The art is breathtaking. The shots from outer space made me feel as if I was on a space station looking at the Earth. Most importantly Mr. Ellis gives us more background stories on the main characters. Mostly Star Brand and Justice. Justice is a police Detective named John Tensen. He is shot and barely alive. He is now considered 98% dead while lying in a hospital room. When the White Event takes place he is healed and sees that his nurse was about to kill him. He could see into the nurse’s mind that he was not doing it as a mercy killing. So he gives his brand of Justice to his first criminal.
Star Brand is out on a date and they fall asleep in a field while looking at the stars. When he wakes up he has the Star Brand on his hand and the power of the White Event has fried his girlfriend alive. Her Father was the local Sheriff and now believes he killed his daughter.
There is also an unnamed girl who gets powers from the event. I don’t remember her from the first series but she is told that “This is a paradigm shift. Everything you know has changed. Please remain calm.”
So far I like this new universe. Perhaps when Mr. Shooter started it he was ahead of his time. Jim Shooter got us on base and Mr. Ellis and Mr. Larroca have been set up to hit it out of the park.

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