Thursday, January 04, 2007

This Day In Music History: Bobby Vinton and There! I've Said It Again

On this date in music history, January 4, 1964, a line was about to be crossed that signified that music was changing. On this date Bobby Vinton had the #1 hit with There! I’ve Said It Again. The era of the safe white bread rock and roll star and the crooners was about to come to an end and Mr. Vinton is were the dividing line starts. With Bill Haley and the Comets and Elvis the rock era started and it took on a rebellious sound. By 1960 rock and roll in America was starting to sound safe and content with singers like Bobby Vinton, Pat Boone, Bobby Vee and even Elvis was not sounding so rebellious anymore.
There! I’ve Said It Again was #1 for the first four weeks of 1964 and was the third #1 single for Bobby Vinton. He said the song was brought to his attention in an odd way. He was performing in Cincinnati, Ohio when he saw a long haired, bearded DJ who he found intimidating. He said as he went on stage the man was screaming at him “Come here!” He asked him what he wanted. The DJ told him if he recorded There! I’ve Said It Again he would have a #1 hit. He went on and preformed his act but wondered why that man was so concerned about him and why he thought he should record that song.
When he did record it he said it only took him 5 minutes. They had booked studio time till 10 pm. The session started at 7:10 pm and they were done by 7:15 pm. Mr. Vinton said “I could sing this all night, but it’s not going to get any better. It’s a hit the way it is, goodnight everybody.”
The song dominated the charts for the first month of 1964. In February the USA would start getting even more hits from overseas. Singers like Mr. Vinton would still have hits but they would be few and far between as time went on. Music would never be the same again.
You can click on the title above to be taken to a site where you can get the photo. It says it is signed by Mr. Vinton.

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