Saturday, March 10, 2007

Showcase Presents Aquaman

Well I have just about finished reading Showcase presents Aquaman. I have always liked Aquaman. However, for my generation he was always used if you only needed to communicate to fish. If no fish were around then he was useless. These stories were first published before my time so it was fun to read them for the first time. The stories were educational and adventurious. I never knew that giant puffer fish floated upside down on the surface of the water. Aquaman and Aqualad could get those fish to do some amazing things like having the electric eels to attach to the ignition of a boat and lime up so the can shock the crook to drop his gun and not shoot a person. The favorite of mine was Topo one of Aquamans pet Octopi. With the big soulful eyes that Nick Cardy gave him you could not say no to him. If Aquaman had his own cartoon today Topo would be a high selling action figure.
Whenever I read any stories that Aquaman was in with any of the JLA he just seemed to be there. They tried to give him more to work with by having him take hard water and throw it at the crooks but that was later and not in any of these stories. While many of the stories had him fighting monsters from the deep and a few from deep space my favorites are the slice of life stories. They usually had Aquaman befriending a lighthouse keeper or helping an honest politican of local seaside town get elected so he can run the crime boss out. These I am sure are the stories that helped him get the reputation of being a good neighbor that has stayed with him till a few years ago. At that time they had him loose one of his hands and grow a beard. He came off as being angry and in need of mental and emotional help. That is not the way I want to see Aruther Curry. This book shows how to portray him. I hope anyone who handles his new adventures gets him back to his roots.
Now to put in an unabashed plug (as opposed to an abashed plug.) If you like DC superheros then you may want to read about Black Lightning. You can find out more about him and the books and merchandise that is available on him by going to Black Lightning Limited. It is a sister site to this one here. Check it out and I hope you like what you see. Maybe one day DC will see they have enough pages with his first 2 series and the many backup and team up stories that they can put out a 500 page Showcase of his adventures. I think it should be put out now as it would be a great introduction to the new mini-series they have coming out.

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