Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Note From the God of Thunder

This past weekend my wife and I held a Yard sale. For those of you who have ever had a yard/garage sale you know that most of the work is really done the day before getting ready for any of the hopeful customers. The sale did well but not as well as I had hoped but every little bit helps. One of the items I was selling was a book by Fred Allen called Treadmill to Oblivion. I originally bought the book at a library sale as I am an OTR fan and had planed to read it. I never got around to it and so I decided to sell it instead of it sitting around gathering dust. Better that it had a chance to be read by an old time radio fan bigger then I am then to just be sitting around. While getting the book ready for its next lucky owner I found a note. As you can see from the photo above the note said "Missing you tonight." The surprise to me was who signed the note. The God of Thunder himself Thor. Ok I know it wasn't from Donald Blake or whatever Thors alter-ego goes by this week. I just thought it was funny. Then I wondered if the person this was intended for ever saw the note. It was possible that two people who were in the library at the same time had a date for that night. Something came up so that Thor or the other couldn't be there. So Thor wrote this heartfelt note and sliped it into the book the other had and was going to check out. Unknown to him they changed their mind and put the book back without ever seeing the note. Maybe their friendship broke up because of this missunderstanding when Thor didn't show up. Who knows? I have a big imagination but this all could be true. So if the person the note was intended for is reading this Thor really did miss you that night.
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