Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Changes at Rhino

I got this e-mail from Kent of Forgotten Hits and The60sshop@aol.com this weekend. I am reprinting it here with Kent's permission. I would have posted it earlier but I was busy this weekend and didn't get around to it till today.

Just got this from one of my readers ... it won't go out in FORGOTTEN HITS until this weekend's COMMENTS PAGE ... but feel free to post if you like as a follow-up to my earlier RHINO comment. (This came from CLARK BESCH who has written the liner notes to a NUMBER of notable reissues ... really makes you wonder where RHINO's head is at on the corporate level. Of course we don't know ALL of the details ... but SOMEBODY should snatch THIS guy up STAT!!!!!)


I guess I missed this in past 2 weeks, but in mid May, Bill Inglot and 20 others were fired in a downsizing measure at Rhino. It's just another sad commentary on getting a company to the top, then being turned on. Certainly, Rhino's had less new product of late (still some great stuff, tho), but still a BIG leader in the industry and I have nothing but compliments for doing so many rare discs up right. Unfortunately, to add to this, Bill's father passed away this past week.

All of us stereophyles have had MANY issues dealing with Bill's mono ethics, but the positives are about 99 to 1 IMO as to the great product Bill produced during his time there, including new stereo product. In all actuality, aside from Bill Buster's product at Eric, most of the big time oldie reissue labels have reverted to mono somewhat if originally that way on vinyl, so Bill wasn't the only one. Unlike some, I actually prefer mono to stereo sometimes myself, so i can see both points of view. many mono originals don't have same stereo mix or tape used when stereo is used on Cds. Whatever, when you saw the name Bill Inglot on a Cd, you knew it was a quality sounding disc, something that cannot be guaranteed still today. in the 80's, it was especially a blessing to see his name, when so many Cds were scratchy vinyl issues.

Bill was the innovator in CD reissues. It's a sad thing and I hope Bill lands with a company that uses his amazing sound skills to good use. We can only hope that Cary at Varese is safe! A note to Bill Buster at Eric and Bob Irwin at Sundazed:
Don't sell the farm!
(submitted by CLARK BESCH / WLSClark)

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