Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday Morning Shoe Store

Remember when you would order things from your comic book that you could sell to family and neighbors to make some extra spending money? Things like flower seeds, greeting cards, shoes. Shoes!!!??? Yes that is what this ad from a 1965 issue of the Amazing Spider-man is asking kids to do. Take your Saturday morning, the golden time to watch your cartoons, and sell shoes. Why would you buy your shoes from the kid next door who probably had to learn how to take your measurements and then mail them to a company and then mail him the shoes a few weeks later when you can get them at the store? Plus if something was wrong with the shoes who do you return it to? Well the kid who sold them to you who probably didn't know what do to and got stuck with a whole lot of shoes. Greeting cards and flower seeds I understand but I don't understand selling shoes in comic books.

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