Monday, November 12, 2007

Batman 80 pg. Giant

I loved these 80 page giant books from the 1960's. Some times Mom and Dad would buy one for me or I would look at one when I was at my cousin Steve's home. Now Steve was older then me so he could read but I couldn't. I just looked at the pictures. One of my favorites was this one that you see above. The reason was the story of the Rainbow Batman. Like I said I couldn't read but i loved seeing Batman in that bright rainbow colored uniform. I can't tell you anything about the story but my young eyes loved those bright colors. The other story in this book that made an impression was the story of Batman Jr. and Robin Sr. As I got older I re-read the story at some point and remember its plot a little better. As I recall Dick Grayson had gotten older but never took on the name of Batman. Bruce got married and had a son. He asked Dick to train him to take over as Batman. That is how I remember it. I may be wrong and mixing it up with another story.
I have fond memories of reading these 80 page giants in the car as Mom and Dad had to go somewhere. They kept trying to get me to stop reading in the car as they were afraid it would make me sick. It never did then but now that I am older it is another story. Other fond memories are of being at Steve's and sitting on his bed reading them and looking with awe at his impressive collection. It's been awhile since I was at his home but the last time I was I still had that same feeling when I viewed his collection.

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Booksteve said...

Awww! Thanx for the kind words, Cuz. Oddly enough, I JUST re-read that particular 80 Page Giant just last week!The same copy you saw back in '66, too! It's in pieces now and has no cover, though. Sigh. We could be rough on 'em, I guess. Oh, and you were correct about mixing up stories. The Batman, Jr\Robin Sr story here is the one where they get zapped by a ray that ages one and de-ages the other. Memories.