Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Millie the Model contest prize

If you are thinking of entering our contest over at Millie the Model here are two things that have been suggested as possible prizes. One is the Essential Defenders Volume 4. It reprints an issue where Millie the Model visits Patsy Walker. Another suggestion is to give an old issue of Millie the Model. After all that is who the site is about. e-mail me at originalcaptainatom@gmail.com and let me know which prize you would prefer. Unless I can think of a better prize one of these may be it.
The specifics are that the header will have to be around 752 pixels wide and 215 pixels high. I am just guessing at the size right now but if you are the winner and there is a problem with the size I will let you know. Perhaps you could do one with Millie being supported by her friends. Also, you must on your site put a link to the Millie the Model site. All you have to do is post a link saying that there is a contest there and what the prize is.

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