Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Monkees fill in the blank contest

On the right you see I asked readers of this blog to vote on their favorite Monkees love songs. I did this as I was going to run this contest. Fill in something that Peter is saying and for the winner I will burn off a CD of Monkees love songs for you to get before Valentines Day. Hopefully Rhino Records will see this and release a real CD of them in time for Valentines Day next year. The one that I think is the funniest will be the winner. The contest will end on Feb. 1st. I will notify the winner so I can get his or her address to mail it to by the end of the first week in Feb.Also you cannot just e-mail the caption. You have to put it in the word balloon yourself and create a link to this site on your site. I in turn will create a link to your family friendly site. Click on the about me section on the right to contact me by e-mail. Good luck to all of you Monkee fans.

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