Wednesday, January 07, 2009

No Plastic Man Series to Spin-Off From Brave and theBold

I recently sent an e-mail to James Finch after Plastic Man's apperance on Brave and the Bold and asked if there are plans for a Plastic Man series. Here is what he said.

Thanks for the email! As you probably know, Tom Kenny did a Plastic Man Pilot several years ago that did not make it to series. I know everyone at Warner Bros. Animation is excited about the character and Tom’s fantastic work on Batman: The Brave and The Bold. There are no immediate plans to spin off Plastic Man that I am aware of, but as you know it all comes down to the fans.

Keep your fingers crossed and let me know if you hear any rumblings from the fans!

If you have any questions or are available to do interviews with our talent – drop me an email and I will set you up.

If you notice that last sentence I would love to do an interview with any of the talent. Problem is Ihave enver done one so I don't know what I should ask. If there are any Questions that my readers here would like to ask any of the actors on the show let me know and I will note them to ask if I ever do interview them.

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