Tuesday, June 02, 2009

25 years ago today

It was 25 years ago today that Bill, Dan, Harold, Rick and company taught me how to laugh at ghost again. It continued a tradition that many comedians have been doing for years. I opened this with saying me as others in the country had a chance to see it the day before as that was the official day it was released.

I remember going with my college buddies Chuck and Mike. We had a hard time deciding between this and Gremlins. Both were released on the same day. Ghostbusters won out and it seems like most of the town was there. Back then the theaters were huge compared to some that they have now. We couldn't find 3 seats together. Lucky for Mike he ran into a bunch of people he knew who had a seat next to them. so he sat with them and Chuck and I found two seats together. It was the funniest film I had seen in a long time.

Years later they made the sequel. It was just ok. Now I hear that a third may come out soon. I just hope it is better then the second. I don't thaink any film can be as good as the first.

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Booksteve said...

Strangely, I never saw either of the GB films in theaters and only years later on video.