Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crisis on Earth-Blog: Super Powers 25th Anniversary

Well there is another Crisis on Earth Blog and being that I am a Plastic Man fan was asked to take part. I was all set to do so. However, at the time this was asked of me things were abit up in the air around my house. Also, I have never read the Super Powers series. Aside from an action figure I was told Plas was never in the mini-series. Even his action figure didn't have one of the mini comic books that the others came with. So I didn't know what to write about it. So I bowed out of the project. Still I want to provide links to those who stayed with the project. They are as follows:
Aquaman Shrine
Being Carter Hall
Crimson Lightning
Dispatches From the Arrow Cave
Doom Patrol
Firestorm Fan
Fortress of Baileytude
Idol-Head of Diabolu
Justice League Detroit
Love Dat Joker
Once Upon A Geek
Speed Force
Good luck in this endevor guys. I know that one of the slogans of Crisis on Earth-Blog is "Blogs will live. Blogs will die." Don't think that my blogs have died. If you do another one I would like to be considered to participate.

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