Sunday, December 06, 2009

Header Contest

I know this is short notice and can't afford to give much of a prize but I am holding a christmas header contest for most of my sites. They are Plastic Man Platitudes, On My Mind, Millie the Model, and Mail it to Team-Up. The rules are that you must include the characters and any phrases that are already on the current headers. You can ad more characters if you so wish. For example on Millie the model you can add Clicker and Chili etc. as long as Millie is there too. The header must also look like Christmas.
The specifics are that the size should be 706 pixels wide and 215 pixels high. AllI can say right now is that I will give you the coveted No-Prize as I pick up where Stan "the Man" Lee left off. Also if you have a site I will give a link to it. Any entries will be post on the sites but the deadline is short so I will understand if there is little or no involvememt. It must be entered by 12/11/09. That way they can be up for a while to all enjoy. Good luck and Merry Christmas.
Oh also you don't have to enter for each site. However I am hoping to get some for On My Mind and Millie the Model. Email me any entires that you have.

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