Friday, February 26, 2010

Burger Chef and Jeff commercial

Here is one commercial that I remember from another favorite fast food resteraunt that is no longer with us. Buger Chef! I had some ties to the local one. My Grandad worked there part time when he retired. When I was in high school a friend, inronically named Jeff, also worked there but I don't think the two of them worked together. I remember some people asking him where he worked and when he told them they would say something like "Oh i get it. Burger Chef and Jeff." Like he took the job as a joke. He never liked it when people made those jokes. I don't blame him. I did love their commercials. I have always been a fan of animated commercials. Wish they would do more of them now.

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Booksteve said...

I still use the term "Incrediburgible!"