Sunday, July 11, 2010

Every now and again a trend comes back. These days in movies it is the 3-D fad that this time seems to be staying. I am too young to remember the era it started in in the 50's but they tried it again when I was in college. Mostly it was recycled horror movies of the 50's but I loved it then. The only problem I had was that since I wear glasses I didn't know where to put those special glasses on that you needed to see it. Once past that I really enjoyed it. When someone handed another actor something I felt like I could reach out and take it. Eventually the fad faded again. Now it is back. I thought I would enjoy it but so far I have not. The reasons are that now it cost more to see them instead of the regular ones. One person told me it was becuase they had to put in sepcial cameras to show them. I don't believe that as they didn't need it before on the earlier films. Second is that for some reason when I put the glasses on I don't see the 3-D effects now. It still looks like a regular movie and I don't want to pay the special price but still see the regular effects. So if the trend contines and they only start showing 3-D, raise the prices and get rid of all the non 3-D movies they will loose me as an audience member. I only thought of this as I saw the above portion of an Archie strip in the papers today and it was on my mind.

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