Thursday, December 01, 2005

Wendie Jo Sperber Rest In Peace

Sad news this morning as I just read on News From ME that the very funny actress Wendie Jo Sperber died of cancer. You can link to the News from ME site and see what Mark has to say by clicking on this link or click on the title above. He has a link to another obit that tells what shows she was in. One thing I didn't see was the movie Terminal that starred Tom Hanks. I thought I saw her walk by Mr. Hanks to get a cart. I remembered my wife and I both saying "Hey that was the girl from Bosom Buddies." We watched the credits but didn't see her name so I guess she jsut went unbilled. Or perhaps it was just someone who looked like her. She was a very talanted acteress and the world of movies and television will miss her. Posted by Picasa

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