Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Joe Stanton

Phew! I have just enough time to wish Joe Stanton Happy Birthday before the day is over. Mr. Stanton is a wonderful prolific artist. He has worked for all the major comic book companies. However, he is best known as the co-creator of E-Man. It was published by Charlton Comics in the 1970's. Later with the boom in independent publishers he was published by First comics. I lost track of the charactor after that but you can find out more on this E-Man fan site which is where the above photo is from. Also at there is an interview with the birthday boy. I just took at quick look at the interview and see that he says he was born on the 19th so I am a little bit early. Either way Happy Birthday Joe and thanks for the great art and hours of fun. Posted by Picasa

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