Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Monkees "Heart and Soul"

In an earlier post I mentioned the 80's song by the Monkees called Heart and Soul . It was a good pop tune and I have two copies of the 45. Why do I have two copies of the record? I'm glad that you asked. I heard them do the song as an encore at their concert in Cincinnati, Ohio. I couldn't wait for it to come out. They mentioned it was their new single and I didn't even know they were doing a new album at that time. So I bought the new album and the single as soon as they came out. As I said before it was a good tune and one that should have been a big hit. It would have ended there. However,I went on a trip with my friend Chuck to Michigan. One day we wound up in the little town of Iron Mountian, Mich. We ate breakfast and then looked around the town. We found a little record store. While looking in the store I saw they had the single that you see pictured above. It caught my eye not just because it was the Monkees but because the picture sleeve was printed on better quality paper so the picture looked better. I wondered why they printed this one differently. Then I pulled out the record and found the answer. It was a colored disc! If you are reading this post and too young to remember albums and 45's then I will tell you that a colored disc was a much sought after and rare collector's item. I normally have to have a good reason to buy the same song twice. A colored disc was a great reason. I looked to see if they had another copy so I could buy one for a friend back home but this was the only copy they had. I quickly went to the counter and purchased it. After we got back home I was talking to another friend named Jeff. He is the one I was going to buy the other copy for but they didn't have any more copies. Now Jeff has almost always worked in the local record business. For years he managed a record store. After that went out of business, not because of bad management but because of other business reasons, he went to work for the distributor and other record stores. So Jeff has alot of music connections and has one of the biggest music and video collections this side of the Mississippi. Especially on the Beatles and the Monkees. I mentioned the Monkees 45 that I found. While he had heard of the song he had never heard of them releasing a colored disc. He quickly checked with one of his connections from Rhino Records, the Monkees record company at that time. He found out that they did release a few colored disc. He said there weren't many made so it may become a collector's item. And I had one of them. Also, I found out about this before someone in the music business heard about it and didn't have one himself. He probably has one by now but that has never happend to me before. To this day I don't recall seeing another copy of this record. Maybe it is worth some money but if not it was at least worth this story. Posted by Picasa

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