Saturday, April 22, 2006

Comix A History of Comic Books in America by Les Daniels

For those of you who read books about the history of comic books then you must know that this year is the 35th anniversary of "Comix A History of Comic Books in America." It was written in 1971 by Les Daniels. This was the first book I ever read about the history of comic books. The cover of the book caught my attention with Bannana Man (in his only apperance)hitting a pig flying in a plane called the Miss Understood. I was never quite sure if there was any meaning to the cover but I always imagined that it reffered to World War II since it had a bi-plane in the background. Perhaps the pig was a Nazi Swine.
Not only did I like the cover but I learned alot about my favorite medium when I read it. The one place where I have to praise Mr. Daniels is getting the rights to reprint the various comic stories. Sure I was happy to read the Superman story but there was a Plastic Man I had never read too. It was the first time I ever heard of Blackhawk, Wonder Wart-Hog and the Freak Brothers. My favorites were the EC stories. One of them is the best war story ever written. "Big If" has a solider Paul Maynard looking at five post with painted faces on them. He keeps asking himself questions line "If only Paul Maynard had not stopped to buckle his boot." "If only Paul Maynard had not stopped to look at his watch." He keeps asking himself these questions till he dies because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. As always the best war story is an anti war story.
I wasn't that crazy about the last chapter. It involved the underground comics. They were pretty racey at the time if my memory is correct. I was shocked to see them in this book so I tore out the last chapter. Later my cousin Randy got a copy of the book from the library. His parents saw the last chapter and didn't like it either. He told them that I had a copy of the book. Of course his Mom told my Mom. When she asked me aboiut it I proudly told her that I took it out of my copy.
So Mr. Daniels thanks for the book and the memories. Just wish you didn't feel the need to include the last chapter. Posted by Picasa

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