Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Birthday Party Time!

Well today is August 29th my birthday. Welcome to the party. As you can see Hugh Downs is here. He is over in the corner reminding everyone that it is also the 45th anniversary this week of when he appeared on the cover of TV Guide. Booksteve is taking people’s coats while telling them that yesterday was Jack Kirby's birthday. If you want to see who might have been born on this day you can go here. I say might as they have Jack Kirby being born today but he was born on the 28th. Our local politician Randy Blankenship is in the dining room handing out drinks from the punch bowl as well as talking politics. My friend Paul from Comic Book World is taking care of any gifts that you might have brought. I said gifts weren't necessary but you know some people can't come to a party without gifts. My pastor friends Dan Francis from Erlanger Baptist Church, Joel Urshan from First Apostolic Church of Cincinnati and Fred Hartley from Lilburn Alliance Church have said they might stop by. You might even run into Fred Hembeck, Marv Wolfman, or Mark Evainer. In a few minutes my wife will be bringing out the cake. Later,Joe Dowell will take the stage to sing us a song. What? You don’t know who Joe Dowell is? Well read below and I will fill you in. Posted by Picasa

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