Thursday, September 14, 2006

This Is Tom Jones!

Earlier I did a series on pop music stars that got their own variety show. Last night I watched Dancing with the Stars and Tom Jones was the guest singer. How could I have forgotten that this man who had a lot of hits also had his own show from February 7, 1969 to January 15, 1971 on ABC? Tom Jones is a Welsh singer who is a son of a coal miner. Tom is a former door to door salesman. He was named Thomas Jones Woodrow and later shortened it to Tom Jones. He had a lot of hits in the 60’s like It's Not Unusual, What’s New Pussycat? and She’s A Lady. He also sang the theme song to the James Bond movie Thunderball. In 1966 Tom’s popularity started to slip. His manager suggested that he change his image a little bit by wearing a tux. This helped to make him seem more mature and changed him from a pop singer to a crooner. The new image worked and Tom Jones returned to the top 40 in England and America. In the late 60’s Mr. Jones started concentrating more on his club appearances then on his recording career. During this time he also started his variety series. His show was a hit in the UK and the US. The series was filmed in London and in Hollywood allowing it for a wide range of American and British guest stars from Peter Sellers, Dusty Springfield and Herman’s Hermits to Edward G. Robinson, Tanya Tucker, Debbie Reynolds, Bob Hope and George Carlin. After the show was canceled he continued to have hits in the UK but none in America until the late 80’s. It was then when he joined with the group the Art of Noise and recorded the song Kiss that was written by Prince. In 2000 he preformed at the Millennium Celebrations in Washington. Since then he has turned up on various shows like he did last night on Dancing with the Stars. It’s not unusual for Tom Jones to show up when you least expect him. Posted by Picasa

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