Sunday, October 22, 2006

It's Party Time! My 1 year anniversary as a blogger!

Welcome to the party! Today is the one year anniversary of my blog. Sadly if it keeps up with this new blogger beta that I can't post photos I will have to either quit or move to another service. I plan to keep the Peter Noone interview on here and if I have to move my blog I will let you know so anyone can change their bookmarks if you have this site marked.
Till then enjoy the party. My cousin's Randy and Steve have switched jobs at this party. Randy is taking the guest coats and putting them in the bedroom. Steve is in the dining room handling the punch bowel and talking about Sam Spade's comic book ads. In the family room Ron Dante is singing old Archie's tunes and songs from his new CD "California Weekend." My friend Paul from Comic Book World is over in the corner talking about silver age comic books. Mary Spooner is in the living room showing old movies of George Reeves and other old time actors. You may even run into Fred Hembeck, Mark Evanier, Marv Wolfman or Herb Trimpe. You might even see Kent Kotal from Forgotten Hits or the good folks from This Is Pop Culture. Who knows maybe even Peter Noone will show up. You may even see someone from the Monkees Fan Club or Micky, Mike, Peter orDavy may show up. There is my wife bringing in the cake now. Everyone to the dining room for refreshments and thanks for reading this on line magazine of my thoughts, hobbies and stories and thanks to all the new friends that I have made from this site.

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