Friday, January 26, 2007

This Day in Music History: Ringo Starr and You're Sixteen

On this day in music history, January 26th 1974, Ringo Starr had the #1 song for one week with You're Sixteen. The song had been a hit for Johnny Burnette in 1960 when it went to #8 but Ringo took it all the way up to the top. The song was produced by Richard Perry when he produced the Ringo album for Mr. Starr. Mr. Perry said that working on that album was one of the highlights of his career and that it would be hard to top. Perhaps it was because he got to work with all of the Beatles. No matter what problems they had that caused them to break up the other three always seemed to want to help Ringo. John and George were in Los Angeles where most of the album was recorded so it was easy just for them to call and drive over to help out. George co-wrote with Ringo the song Photograph the albums first #1 song as well as played on it. He also played on "I'm the Greatest" a song that John wrote and preformed on. Too bad Paul was on the other side of the world at the time. If he had been in L.A. we may have had the first full member Beatle reunion. Chances are at that time John wouldn't have shown up if he knew Paul would be there. Still Paul also helped out on the album. Richard Perry was working with Paul on the music for a TV special he was doing in London. At that time he was also producing Ringo's new album and they were recording part of if in London at the same time. Paul was good enough to write a song for Ringo and he also sang on You're Sixteen. Yes if you listen closely to the record you will hear what sounds like a kazoo solo. It isn't a kazoo or any musical instrument at all. It is actually Paul singing the part only he made it sound like it was a kazoo. So Paul is singing on the song with Ringo.

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