Monday, February 26, 2007

Wonder Woman and Everything Old is New Again

Earlier we showed that with issue #178 there was a change in the late 1960's to upgrade Diana Prince into the new Mod Wonder Woman. She lost her powers and fought crime with out her costume but in what was modern clothes of the day. With issue #191 it began to show to her readership was down as DC had to remind comic book readers that the woman in the mini-skirt was still the original Wonder Woman.

Issue #196 seems to have been hinting to the future as it gave us the origin of Wonder Woman and she fought her old arch enemy the Cheetah.

With issue #197 Diana reminds us of an event that changed her life. However, her wardrobe seems to have changed a little bit. It is still in the Mod fashion but also looks like what she would have wore on Paradise Island before she was Wonder Woman.

With Issue #198 modern day clothes are forgotten as we see Diana in warrior garb. The story takes place on Paradise Island.

After #198 we were back to the modern day Wonder Woman for a few issues. Issue # 203 was the last issue with her in regular clothes. In issue #204 she was back to the Wonder Woman we all know and love. The curious thing I noticed about issue #203 is that it is billed as a special woman's lib issue. Wasn't the whole series suppose to be about woman's lib?

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