Saturday, July 14, 2007

Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters

I have linked to this site before but I didn't see the photos that they now have on the site. It is called The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters. This is there group of Baptist superheroes. Near the center of the group is one of my favorites, drawn by the great Jim Apro, Black Lightning. I found it hard to believe that Ghost Rider was any religion other then Atheist. Apprently Johnny Blaze said he was Baptist in one story. If you have your body possessed by a demon it is pretty good sign you aren't a Christian. However, just cause you are born into a religion doesn't make you a Christian unless you accept Jesus Christ into your heart.
Anyway if you have ever wondered what faith your favorites were you can get a hint by looking at this site. Who knew Jimmy Olsen was Lutheran?

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