Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Marley and Me (spoiler)

If you haven't seen the movie "Marley and Me" then don't read this post. I saw it yesterday and it is a wonderful film. During Christmas vacation I have seen this and the new Jim Carrey movie "Yes Man." While I liked them both "Marley and Me" is the best but I left it feeling sad as compared to how good I felt after "Yes Man." You see at the end of "Yes Man" Jim Carrey learned a lesson in life and everything was better. At the end of "Marley and Me".....stop now read no further if you plam to see the movie no matter what I say. Just remember this I don't recommed that you take children to see it even though it is a family film.

Ok so I assume that the only ones left in the room reading this are those who have already seen it or will see it anyway. At the end of "Marley and Me"....Marley dies. Yes the real star of the movie and the best character in the film is killed off. Now at some point you can see it coming. After all it is about the life of the family dog and dogs don't live as long as humans. I was fighting back the tears myself but what really got to me was a young girl who was crying her head off. I mean she was really bawling and you could hear her all over the theater. The theater was full of people and she didn't care that everyone could hear her. I felt so sad for her. I wished I could take her in my arms and tell her everything was going to be ok. I had to leave early as, well I'm a guy and I didn't want to take a chance I would start to cry. I watched the ending of the movie as I left and the credits were rolling by the time I got to the door.

On the way out I heard some teenage girls making fun of the girl who cried during the movie. One said she knew it was sad but the girl ruined the moment when she started crying. I thought how cold and hard hearted they sounded. The crying girl to me seemed to have a rare and beautiful heart. Something touched her and she didn't mind if anyone knew how she felt. I wondered to myself if I and my friends were like that when I was a teenager. I hope not.

If I had known that the movie was that sad I wouldn't have gone but then I would have missed out on a great movie.

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