Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Monkee Day

It has been awhile sine we have celebrated Monkee Day here at On My Mind. Well today is the day as it is the Birthday of both Mike Nesmith and Davy Jones. Happy birthday to you both. Also, I have been told that the Smithsonian Channel is planning to air a documentary on their group in January.
Since today is the anniversary of the birth of both gentlemen below is a clip from their show featuring them together.

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gilligan said...

The Monkees were much maligned in their day (by holier than thou bands like The Byrds), but I think history has been kind to the group - their music holds up well and their show is a lot of fun. I even like the trippy movie HEAD with the Carol King tune "the Porpoise Song"!

Anyway, great stuff here. Keep it coming... I still have one of those Brady Bunch books!