Monday, March 09, 2009


No I am not really selling these. This all started when I was looing do see if there were any hats with Captain America or Plastic Man on them since I am not a Tee Shirt kind of guy. I have them but I rarely wear them. Anyway I found that there are some with the Captain but none were found for Plas. I went to a site were you can make custom hats. I decided to use them to promote my sites. However, one thing kept me from doing it. The cost. The reason I am not telling the name of the site is because the cost seemed low at the time. But it only covered the hat. By the time they added in other cost it was too much. But the previews of the hats looked good so I am sharing them with you on the sites I did them for.


Anonymous said... does custom shirts and hats as well, for a price that's fairly reasonable. The quality is good (I've used them in the past). You've got some cool designs here!

Rick L. Phillips said...

I might do that just for myself. If I try sell it then I may be in violation of Copyright laws.