Monday, June 27, 2011

Don't Be Like Dewey

Recently I heard that the former manager of WHKK, Dan Hubbard, passed away in April of 2010. I didn’t know him well but from the little that I did know he was a very good man. For those of you who don’t know WHKK was a local Christian radio where I and many of my friends hung out and had part time jobs from time to time. For a while they played Southern Gospel music. When I worked there they played Contemporary Christian Music. Lately I find myself listening to some of the old songs that I played there. I have many wonderful memories of some good times there. But like all good memories there is always a sad memory associated with it.
Everyone I every worked with there was just wonderful. One of them I always felt sorry for. His name was Dewey. Now Dewey was a good man and, while I didn’t know it when I met him, he was a very smart man. For some reason he could only work cleaning offices but I later was told that he had a law degree and had a lot of law books. Why do I feel sorry for him? Because this smart man who cleaned the offices at a Christian radio station was…an Atheist. Dewey refused to believe in God. A lot of us tried to talk to him about God but I don’t think any of us ever got through to him. He would put road blocks up to every avenue that the Holy Spirit could get access to him. Only one did I ever see get close, the news director Jeff Eldridge. The more they talked Dewey started to stutter. After he left Jeff said there must be something that caused him to not believe. Dewey was there for years. He heard the music singing praises to the Lord and the sermons from the preachers telling how and why you should be saved. He seemed to pay little attention to them.
A few years later a company bought the trailer park where Dewey lived. Everyone was evicted so they could build a strip mall. Dewey had no place to go. In his depressed state of mind I heard that Dewey went to a bridge that spanned the Ohio River and threw himself into the river. His body was never found.
Dewey lost hope. No place to live and no hope of getting to Heaven because he didn’t accept God into his heart. He heard the Word almost everyday for years and will have to pay for that when he is judged before the God that he always denied. I feel sorry that one day he will be in Hell. He was a good and smart man but that alone won’t get you into Heaven.
If you are reading this please don’t be like Dewey. You may be a good and smart person but please accept Christ into your heart. Just pray to Him to let Him know that you know Jesus Christ died for you and you want to have him in your heart and He will come. But He won’t until you invite him in.

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