Saturday, July 02, 2011

Saturday Morning Cartoons: The Thing in Lights, Camera Action

Well it's official. I was laid off yesterday for an undetermined amount of time.
In the meantime I just came across this cartoon on I never did watch the cartoon Fred and Barney meet the Thing but here is a segment of that show with the Thing as a teenager. It really kind of reminds me of the Archie gang. The voice of Ronald sounds like it was done by the guy who voiced Reggie Mantle on the Archie Show. When in the guise of the Thing the voice sounds like an impression of Jimmy Durante. I do have to give credit to the actor and the writers. As far as the character of the Thing it is one of the best transitions from comic book to TV screen I have ever seen of the character. They really got it right. Kind of odd to see a teenage version but it was enjoyable to watch.

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