Friday, December 23, 2005

A Christmas memory

A brief interlude in the Christmas story for a Christmas memory. As a young boy I always heard of how people would go out in the woods and cut down their Christmas tree. They would have a live tree in their living room for Christmas. Well for most of my life we had an artificial tree. I always wanted to go into the woods with my Dad to cut down our own tree. I told this to my Mom and Dad one year. Now we lived with my Grandma in her house. It was in the country on top of a hill and there were alot of trees around. My Grandma told Mom and Dad it was ok to cut down one of her trees. Dad and I made plans to cut a tree down on Saturday. IT was Saturday afternoon and I was at my Aunt and Uncle's church for a Christmas party. My Mom and Dad came to pick me up. My Uncle Jim told them I might want to stay as Santa was suppose to come soon. I told them I would rather go home. I couldn't wait for Dad and I to go cut down the tree. When we got home Dad got his saw, he didn't have an ax, and off we treked to the woods. It didn't take long or at least it seemed that way. Time passes quickly when you are having fun and I was having alot of fun. I was on an adventure with my Dad. Finally we found a tree. Dad and I, mostly Dad, cut down the tree. My main job was to help him carry it back. We got it back and put the tree up. Mom asked Dad about where it was cut. When Dad told her my Mom said we went too far and cut down the neighbors tree. No one ever came to talk to us about it. It would have been easy to find us. There was snow on the ground they could have followed the footprints. I guess they didn't mind. That memory is very vivid to me. That night was a wonderful Christmas gift that my Mom, Dad, Grandma and our unknowing neighbor gave me. Posted by Picasa

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