Saturday, December 31, 2005

Edgar Bergen and the Epiphany

Ok the title above may be missleading. Mr. Bergen has nothing to do with the Epiphany. This is actually two stories. This first takes place in the late 70's. Mr. Bergen was on his farewell tour before he retired. My friend Jeff, my cousin Randy and I were all fans of his. You have to be very funny to have 3 teenage boys as your fans when you are a ventriloquist from the golden days of radio. Randy had another attraction to Mr. Bergen besides the comedy. He was an amateur ventriloquist and later, for a brief time, he became a professional. Anyway on the tour Mr. Bergen was coming to our area. He was to be the opening act for a comedian who was quite popular at the time but I don't remember him now. Randy and Jeff got tickets to see Edger Bergen. I however didn't have the money and was kicking myself for not being able to go. Turns out I was the lucky one. You see sadly Mr. Bergen passed away before he could finish his farewell tour and never got here. Randy and Jeff found out it is pretty hard to get your money back when you were only going to see the opening act. Randy said the woman at the counter kept telling them that they couldn't give them the money back because the headliner was still going to be there. They kept telling her that they were going to leave after Mr. Bergen was done as they didn't like the headliner. She kept saying that they might have decided to stay. Finally they convinced her that they were only there to see Edger Bergen and they got their money back.
The 2nd story has to do with Randy's daugther Amy. Recently she was at school before the Christmas break. Her teacher asked the class who gets presents on January 6th? Amy looked around then slowly raised here hand. The teacher said to Amy then you must be Catholic. Amy said no I'm Baptist. She ask Amy why do you get presents on January 6th if your Baptist. She said because it's my birthday. The teacher looked at the class again and said does anybody besides Amy get presents on January 6th? After this the teacher explained the epiphany. It is the day that the three kings arrived to give their gifts to Jesus and is therefore the 12th day of Christmas. This site explains it quite well Posted by Picasa

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