Friday, December 30, 2005

Sit Down Comedy with David Steinberg

One of the smartest and enjoyable talk shows on tv this season is Sit Down Comedy with David Steinberg. It is on TV Land and alot of fun to hear what his guest have to say. So far the guest have been Mike Myers, Larry David and Bob Newhart. Next week it is Martin Short. Others are Jon Lovitz and George Lopez. The best one so far was with Mike Myers. I have not laughed so hard since Steve Allen did a similar show on the Disney Channel and his guest were Harvey Korman, Tim Conway and Pat Harrington. All the on the same show at the same time. But enough about that show, as Mike Myers would say, lets talk about David's show. On Sit Down Myers told a funny story about how he met his wife. Larry David told a funny story how he was a chauffeur for living before he became a comedian. Newhart told how on his first nightclub date he did all his bits. When they wanted an encore he went out and asked which one they wanted to hear again. Funny stuff. Tune in next Wednesday at 10pm to hear Martin Short. Or you can click here to read more and you can also download the episodes you have missed. The above photo of Mr. Steinberg when he was younger I got from an auction on e-bay. You can go there to bid on it at or click on the title above. Posted by Picasa

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