Sunday, January 08, 2006

Batman TV show anniversary family memories in honor of the show

Thanks to Booksteve's site for reminding us all that this week is the 40th anniversary of the TV show of Batman. You can click on the link to his site on the left side if you want to read his post. That show had a huge impact on everyone. I have so many memories that relate to it that it is hard to single one out. One is how when my cousin Steve and I would get together we would almost always play Batman and Robin. My Mom has a picture of us sitting on her lounge chair. Steve was acting like he was driving the Batmobile and I was by his side as Robin. That was alot of fun for me. I hope I don't embarress him with this post. It is a nice memory and shared out of love and since by the time you see this it may be the 9th I will wish you a happy birthday.
During the summer my family would often take picnics at Coney Island in Cincinnati, Ohio. One year they had a ride through a haunted house. I don't know why I asked my Dad to take me on it. I never have liked haunted houses and still don't to this day. But Dad took me. I held my hands over my eyes the whole ride. Rembering that I love the Batman show Dad tried to get me to look by saying "Look Rick! There's Batman and Robin." The hands never left the eyes. I thought they can be there if they want. I am too scared to look.
This next memory I thought was about Batman. My folks were out grocery shopping one Wednesday night. We bumped into my Aunt and Uncle and Grandma. They lived next door to us and they were finished shopping and going home. Unless a little boy is shopping for toys he is usually bored with shopping. I asked if I could go home with them. Grandma said she would watch me till they got home. When we got home I turned on the tv. Now for years my memory said to me that Batman came on before the one I watched. However, according to a refference guide that I just checked Batman was off the air on Wednesday and only aired on Thursdays. The program I wound up watching was the "Legend of Custer" Custer made me think of custard pudding. I asked Grandma if I could have some and she made me some. We had a good time eating custard and watching Custer. Actually the photo of the Batman movie DVD above was given to me a couple of years ago by Grandma as a Christmas gift. So this whole post is all in the family. Posted by Picasa

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