Tuesday, January 10, 2006

David Bowie Jazzin for Blue Jean

In an earlier post I mentioned the mini-movie Jazzin For Blue Jean starring David Bowie. It was really a half an hour music video and it was really very good. Above is the cover of the Beta tape version. Here is where you can go to get a used copy of the VHS tape. Click here
It is a musical comedy with David doing whatever he can to get into a nightclub to meet a girl. He sings the song "Blue Jean" from the "Tonight" album. This is what MTV could have been like. Mini musicals that really promoted music. Instead we have that promote a fake reality and endless I Love this decade programs that has semi celebrates that in some cases are really too young to remember that decade. Sorry if I got on my soap box. I just hate to see how MTV turned out when it could have done so much more. In the 80's it was powerful. If they didn't play your video then chances were slim that you would have a hit. Ask the Monkees. MTV helped their comback. Later they had a falling out and MTV refused to play their new single "Heart and Soul." The song was a good pop tune but it failed to crack the top 40. That was not the case with the song "That Was Then, This is Now" That video MTV did play. Posted by Picasa

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