Sunday, January 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Elvis oh and to Soupy and David too

Well a friend at work reminded me that today would have been, I guess it really still is, Elvis' birthday. Thanks to Fred Hembeck I found out that it is also Soupy Sales and David Bowie's birthday. I don't know much about Mr. Sales as his show was off the air before I was old enough to watch tv. It ended sometime in the early 60's and I was born in the early 60's. From what I have heard I probably would have liked it. I nver have cared too much for Mr. Bowie's music but I did like his 30 minute music video 'Jazzin for Blue Jean" It was like watching a movie. I once had it on Beta but now I can't play that. Maybe I will find it on VHS or DVD one day. Also, Mr. Bowie has a connection to the Monkees. When he was starting his career he had to change his name so there would be no confussion. You see his name use to be David Jones. Different musical styles altogether.
However, here I am writting about Elvis. I liked his movies when I was a kid because he liked children. There was always at least one in his films and they were his friends. He treated them as equals. He never talked down to him. There were two movie stars in the 60's that I loved to see Elvis and Jerry Lewis. I remember going to the drive in during the summer to watch his movies. They were usually the same plot but I didn't care. They were fun to watch and I liked to hear his singing. He wasn't a very good actor but we all know he could sing. When I got older I saw a western he starred in called "Charo" No singing just acting. It wasn't very good. Too bad. Maybe with acting classes he could have been a good actor. Maybe a great actor. We will never know. He stayed with singing and died way too early. Those light hearted musicals of his have a special place in my heart. I use the photo above as that is how he looked in most of those films and that is how I like to remember him. Elvis was a master at reinventing himself and that helped to keep his career going. But that look above is the one I like the best. So thanks for the good times Elvis and happy birthday. Posted by Picasa

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