Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A belated Happy St. Patrick's Day to Shamrock and Banshee

Here is that double exposure of the Irish superheros from Marvel Shamrock and Banshe. It happened by accident but I kind of liked it so I wanted to share it. I thought that in the midst of everyone on March 17th talking about all the Green Arrow or Green Lantern and Green Hornet someone should have been talking about the real Irish superheros. Marvel started doing heros from other countries when comic book sales in America dipped but sales in other countries were fairly strong. Mostly it involved changing the X-Men into what we know today. While the hero from Canada, Wolverine, is their most famous. It did manage to create Banshee. He has the ability to flie and a very powerful scream. Sort of like Black Canery if she could fly. Other times the Marvel heros would team-up even more from other countries. Such as in Contest of Champions where I got this photo of Shamrock from. I know that this is not her only apperance but I have not seen her anywhere else so I don't have much info on her. Just that in her last battle she broke her leg and seems to have retired from crime fighting. Posted by Picasa

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