Friday, March 24, 2006

The Marvel/DC Baseball League

I came across this issue and it reminded me of a favorite past time that my cousin Randy and I would play on rainy days. We would draw up a baseball diamond. Then designate certain areas where if you hit the ball it would be a single, double, home run, out etc. We would then fold the back part of the paper up to act as the stadium wall and put a hole in the wall. If you hit the ball through the hole it was an out of the park home run. Next we would write up a batting order and give them player positions. For example Plastic-Man at 1st base Spider-Man as catcher and Superman as pitcher. We could put anyone in the order but they usually were names of superheroes. The next thing we did we took more bits of paper and waded it up into a little ball. We used our pencils for the bat. We would play one game after the other and this passed the time till either the rain stopped or one of us had to go home. We both admitted to each other that there were days when we were home alone and bored that we played it by ourselves to pass the time. We must have been on to something. Not long after that I noticed that DC would run stories about the heroes playing baseball. It wasn’t Marvel against DC it was always the DC heroes against the DC villains and the fate of the world rested on who won the game. Isn’t it strange how you can think of an idea that never was done before. Then a few months later someone in a position to get it published or produced does just that.
Anyway that was what we did when we were about 13. A few years ago I remembered this on a certain rainy day. So I decided to play a game by myself. I must admit that it was fun. For all of 2 minutes. What you enjoyed at 13 you may not enjoy at 38.
The above picture of DC Super Stars #10 Strange Sports Stories I got from this auction site. Posted by Picasa

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