Thursday, March 30, 2006

Do you know this man? the answer

It's Louis Gossett Jr. Early in his career Mr. Gossett was on a TV show called "The Young Rebels." At the time Mr. Gossett was just called Louis Gossett. A few years later he would add Jr. to his name and not long after his movie career took off. He has won the Oscar for best supporting actor for the movie "An Officer and A Gentleman." The above photo is from his role in the movie "The Deep."
"The Young Rebels" only lasted about 15 weeks. It was on Sunday nights where it competed against Lassie, Hogan's Heroes, Wild Kingdom and the first half of the Wonderful World of Disney. Unless they were going to change it's time slot, the show was doomed from the start. They never changed it's time slot.
The show took place in Chester, Pa. in 1777. Mr. Gosset played Isak Poole, an es-slave and member of the fictional Yankee Doodle Society. They sought to overturn British rule of the area. Network executives hoped that the rebelious youth of the late 60's early 70's would watch the show as they were trying to over throw the establishment of that time. At least that was the way the network executives saw it.
I was not part of the high school or college crowd they were trying to reach. I was an elementary school student and history buff. I only got to see one episode but I was hooked. However, it must have been the last episode as I never saw it again. I hope they release the series on DVD.
The photo of Mr. Gossett was from the comic book that Dell produced on the series. It was the first issue and I believe the only issue that they produced about the show. If you look above you will see the cover for the issue. Posted by Picasa

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