Friday, March 31, 2006

Superman #283 1975

I just found this issue in the $1 bin at the local comic book store. I remember when I got this book but lost it over the years. For some reason I loved the cover story. It was a simple story of a man trying to find out who Superman is so he can blackmail him in to helping him. Of course it didn't work. What really gets your attention is Supes calling himself Chris Delbart. Everyone knows he is Clark Kent. Using his superspeed he is able to trick the man's tracking instruments to get new clothes. Of course the little used power these days is his superventriloquisim to make it seem that everyone was saying hello to Mr. Delbart. Now did you get a look at that suit on him? Did we really dress like that in the 70's? At least it isn't a leisure suit. Posted by Picasa

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Kenny Moir said...

Yeah, browns and yellows were all the rage in the '70s. Not only did we dress like that, but we looked smooth doing it.

This comic holds special significance for me -- it was the first comic book I ever read. My dad bought it, along with an ice-cold glass-bottle Coke, for me after a horseback riding lesson from the local 7-11 in Great Falls, Virginia. Superman 283 started my lifelong addiction to the hobby... much to my wife's chagrin. After all, where DO you keep 25,000 comic books -- and counting?