Saturday, April 01, 2006

Convention memory

Seeing this post at The Comics Reporter reminded me of something that happened at a local convention back in the 80's. I was with a group of friends. My buddy Mike was not really a comic book fan but did have a few he liked. He usually went to store and conventions about comic books because he wanted something to do with us. However, this day he had a certain magazine that he was looking for. I don't remember the title but it isn't important. He did find it that day. Finally he found it at a price of something like $5. He told the seller..."Wow! It's worth alot more then that." He was surprised at Mike's reaction. The seller said "I'll sell it to you for more if you want." Mike just said no this price is fine. We all left the table and told Mike never tell them it's worth more before you buy it from them.

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