Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mike Nesmith article

Thanks to my cousin Steve I was directed to this BBC website. It is an article on Mike Nesmith. It chronicles his career up to this year with his new CD "Rays". It does a pretty good job at condensing his life. Like most news articles on him they report that he was the Monkee with the most musical talent. I don't completely agree with that. They were all very talented. Each of them just took their talent in different directions. The above photo of Mr. Nesmith from his younger days is from Mary Spooner's personal collection. Mary runs the celebrity hosting network. There are no site on it for the Monkees but she has links to other stars of those bygone eras. Like Paul Peterson, Cliff Emmich, Suzanne Lloyd and others. She also has some tribute sites to George Reeves, Robert Shayne, Clayton Moore, etc. If you are a fan of old time movie and TV stars you will like what you see. Posted by Picasa

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