Saturday, April 29, 2006

He's Back! The Human Rocket! NOVA!

The Human Rocket is back! The Man called Nova! This mini series Annihilation Nova is the first attempt to bring him back that has raised my level of excitement. The other attempts were well intentioned but weren’t big enough for the stature that Nova deserved. Marv Wolfman will always be my favorite writer for Nova but Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning come close. It took two men to come close to what Mr. Wolfman did. If you have not read this issue yet you may want to stop now. I may reveal something that you might not want to know before hand. Annihilus and the forces called the Annihilation wave attack Xandar the home world of the peacekeeping forces of the Nova Corps. The entire Corps are there as they were being debriefed and getting their new orders. The wave destroyed them all except for Richard “Nova” Rider, Drax the Destroyer who was a prisoner of the Nova Corps and a human girl named Cammi. Also, the Xandarian worldmind has survived but it too will be gone soon. In order to keep that from happening, the worldmind is downloaded into Richard. However, the worldmind cannot be contained in a person very long with out them going insane. In order to keep that from happening the worldmind upgrades Richard’s Nova suit. Nova, Drax and Cammi must join forces to get out of their current situation, stop Annihilus and find a place for the Xandarian worldmind before Richard does go crazy because the suit only slows it down but cannot completely stop the insanity from happening.
I normally don’t care much for adventures that take place in space but this is one of the good ones. I never like it when they change the hero’s costume but I will learn to like this one. Not because it is a good change. I don’t think it is. But I prefer that then to find that they killed off Mr. Rider just to get a new costume AND a new Nova. Death in order to change the character is used way to much to improve a series. They usually wind up bringing them back I somehow. Look at DC. They brought back Hal Jordan. They often refer to Barry Allen. In series that has the Hawk and the Dove they at times refer to Don and Hank Hall. Perhaps there is hope for Ted Kord in the new Blue Beetle series after all. In closing I want to say again that I still think Marv Wolfman is the best writer for Nova but Mr. Abnett and Mr. Lanning you have left me wanting more. Let’s hope this leads to an unlimited series that lives up to this miniseries. Posted by Picasa

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