Wednesday, November 29, 2006

This Day In Music History:The Beatles and Come Together/Something

On November 29th 1969 this day in music history the Beatles had their first two-sided number one single on the Billboard charts. Recently I found out that this had something to do with a policy change at Billboard. Previously I stated in an earlier posting that stations put a b side on the charts due to having a lot of request for that song. I now believe that was only for the local station charts. It seems that Billboard back when it started had standard operating procedure to list both sides on the charts in separate positions. It is that procedure Billboard was using when the Beatles single Come Together with Something as the flip side came out.
Both songs competed on the charts and seemed stalled the week of November 15th with Come Together at number two and Something at number 3. If this procedure continued neither one may have made it to the top of the charts. Then Billboard changed its method on how they put together their chart rankings and listed all two-sided hits in the same position. Under this method the Beatles had both songs were listed as number one the week of November 29th of 1969. This was only the second time both songs of a two-sided hit reached the top spot since Elvis did it in 1958 with Don’t and I Beg of You.
In England Come Together/Something only reached number 4. It was the Beatles lowest ranking in their home country since Love Me Do only went to number 17. Come Together/Something was the Beatles 18th number one record. It broke the record that Elvis set when he reached his 17th number one record earlier that month with Suspicious Minds.

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